Seahawks Insider Predicts Sam Howell to Challenge Geno Smith for Starting QB Spot in NFL

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NFL Rumors: Seahawks Insider Expects Sam Howell to Push Geno Smith for Starting Job

According to ESPN’s Brady Henderson, Geno Smith’s position as the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks might face a degree of challenge in 2024 following the team’s acquisition of Sam Howell.

Henderson noted that a source within the Seahawks organization believes Howell possesses both the skill and determination to compete with Smith for the starting role. The insider expressed confidence that Howell will put forth a strong effort in the competition.

This situation bears some resemblance to the narrative surrounding Seattle’s acquisition of Drew Lock in 2022 as part of the Russell Wilson trade. Initially, there was speculation that Lock could potentially surpass Smith in the absence of Wilson. However, Smith not only retained the starting position but also went on to win the Comeback Player of the Year award.

Nevertheless, the circumstances this time around are somewhat different. The departure of Pete Carroll and the appointment of Mike Macdonald as head coach marked the beginning of a new era for the Seahawks, possibly indicating a shift towards a more forward-looking approach under general manager John Schneider.

Geno Smith
Geno Smith (Credits: Yardbarker)

While Smith is coming off two consecutive Pro Bowl appearances, his performance saw a slight decline in 2023. His completion percentage, yards per game, and QBR were all slightly lower compared to the previous year.

Should Smith’s performance continue to regress in the upcoming season, Macdonald may be less inclined to stick with him as the starter compared to Carroll. According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, there has been longstanding interest within the Seahawks organization regarding Howell’s potential.

Moreover, teams like the Seahawks have been intrigued by Howell’s ability to step into a starting role with minimal experience and handle a high volume of passes.

The Seahawks’ decision to acquire Howell, a 2022 fifth-round pick, suggests that they envision him as a potential QB1 in both the short and long term.

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