Sean Couturier’s Agent Criticizes Lack of Communication After Captain is Unexpectedly Benched

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Ask anyone in the NHL about John Tortorella benching a seasoned player or a promising young talent, and you’ll likely hear a familiar refrain: “That’s just Torts.”

And, well, fair enough. It’s not necessarily a negative trait. Tortorella, known for scratching Philadelphia Flyers’ captain Sean Couturier in Tuesday’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, has never hesitated to sit players he believes can do better or are hindering the team.

This approach has contributed significantly to his longevity in the league, marked by successes across various teams, including two Jack Adams Awards as the NHL’s top coach: in 2004 with the Tampa Bay Lightning and in 2017 with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Sean Couturier
Sean Couturier (Credits: Crossing Broad)

This season with the Flyers has been no exception. Morgan Frost and Joel Farabee both faced benchings early on, only to emerge as key contributors later in the season. Even struggling players like Cam Atkinson found renewed productivity after meetings with Tortorella.

Scratching Couturier isn’t entirely unwarranted considering his recent performance. With just one goal in his last 27 games and limited offensive output, some might argue that Couturier hasn’t maximized his opportunities on the ice. While he’s had challenges with linemates, his overall impact has been underwhelming.

Granted, Couturier did make a notable play in a recent game against the Boston Bruins, setting up a goal with his hustle. However, his overall contribution hasn’t been consistent, which might justify his benching.

What’s puzzling, though, is the lack of communication from Tortorella regarding Couturier’s benching. Despite being the captain and a veteran presence on the team, Couturier hasn’t received a clear explanation for the decision. This lack of communication contrasts with previous indications of a good relationship between the two.

Sean Couturier
Sean Couturier (Credits: Philly Sports Reports)

Couturier’s agent, Erik Lupien, highlighted the diminishing communication between his client and Tortorella, raising concerns about the impact on team dynamics. As the captain, Couturier’s role extends beyond his on-ice performance; he serves as a bridge between players and coaches, a role that requires open communication.

Benching Couturier without clear communication risks damaging team morale and cohesion, especially during a crucial playoff push. Couturier’s absence from the lineup could have broader implications beyond his individual performance.

In essence, while Tortorella’s approach of benching players to spark improvement has its merits, the lack of communication with key players like Couturier raises questions about its effectiveness and potential consequences for team dynamics.


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