Sean Payton anticipates that the new kickoff will result in a greater number of plays and touchdowns

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The NFL has made significant changes to the kickoff play. As teams progress through the offseason program, they’re focusing more on preparing for this big change.

Broncos coach Sean Payton expressed his excitement about the changes, emphasizing the need for teams to adapt to the new rules. He highlighted the importance of considering different scenarios and strategies, especially in terms of handling kick returns.

One change is the increased emphasis on return specialists’ ball-handling skills. With kickoffs likely to be lower and aimed at specific areas, returners need to be agile and adept at catching the ball in tight situations.

The new kickoff rules require teams to rethink their approach and develop new skills to succeed in this altered scenario

Sean Payton yells to his team

Different players will have different roles in the new kickoff play. “The coverage and blocking units will probably get bigger because the playing field is smaller,” Payton explained.

“But in terms of strategy, teams might score a couple of touchdowns each year on kick returns. We might see double-digit touchdown returns across the league. The intention of the rule change is to create more excitement and action on kick returns.”

This is perhaps the biggest change the NFL has made in years, maybe since adding the two-point conversion in 1994. It brings back to life a play that the NFL had been gradually phasing out.


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