Searching for a bandwagon to hop on? Explore these 6 choices.

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Looking for a bandwagon to climb aboard? Here are 6 options

The first type demonstrates unwavering devotion to their team, to the extent that the names on the opposing team’s jerseys might as well read OPPONENT. Their entire sports experience revolves around their team’s performance; everything other teams do is mere background noise while they focus on their team’s game. For these fans, it’s a battle between their team and the rest of the world, and nothing else holds significance.

The second type of sports fan is more adaptable. While they may have a preferred team or a couple of favorites, they are primarily looking for an enjoyable team to support – one that’s exciting, entertaining, and perhaps a bit trendy. These fans are willing to switch allegiances based on the fun factor, not necessarily long-term loyalty. They are the bandwagon fans.

For those in the second group, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we present six Bandwagon Fan teams for 2024, listed alphabetically, that offer a mix of excitement and potential success. These teams may not be the obvious choices like the Yankees or Dodgers, but they promise an engaging experience. And what’s the best part about being a bandwagon fan? If your chosen team falters, you can easily move on to another one.

Looking for a bandwagon to climb aboard Here are 6 options
Looking for a bandwagon to climb aboard Here are 6 options (Credits: MLB)

The Giants, after a surprising 107-win season in 2021, have faced challenges, finishing below .500 and undergoing managerial changes. However, the addition of Korean center fielder Jung Hoo Lee injects a new dynamic into the team, providing a clear identity and potential excitement for fans seeking a reason to tune in.

With a smart front office, a seasoned manager, and a mix of new faces, the Rangers aim to win now. Positioned as underdogs, this storied franchise offers a compelling narrative in a beautiful ballpark, making them an intriguing option for bandwagon fans seeking a team on the rise.

Despite a somewhat frustrating offseason for Mariners fans, the team’s core remains intact, with young talent and additions like Mitch Garver and Mitch Haniger. The anticipation of a potential breakout year from Julio Rodríguez adds an exciting element, making the Mariners an interesting team for bandwagon fans.

The Orioles, a thrilling team in 2023, return with their exciting young players and the addition of top prospect Jackson Holliday. While this could be their last season as plucky upstarts, the overwhelming talent on this team makes them worth watching for bandwagon fans seeking youthful exuberance.

Despite losing key players like Juan Soto and potentially Blake Snell, the Padres are back as underdogs, aiming for a rebound. With Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Xander Bogaerts, the Padres offer a fun team to cheer for, especially when they wear their throwback uniforms. Jumping on the bandwagon as they look to turn their luck around is an opportune moment.

Similar to the Orioles, the Reds, a fun bandwagon team last year, returns with a mix of veteran reinforcements and exciting young players like Elly De La Cruz. Positioned in a winnable division, the Reds present an appealing option for bandwagon fans wanting to be part of a young team on the rise.

In summary, these six teams provide varied storylines, potential for success, and an overall enjoyable experience for bandwagon fans looking to jump on board for the 2024 season.


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