Shilo and Shedeur Sanders, the sons of Deion Sanders, are handling certain recruiting tasks for Colorado

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Shilo and Shedeur

Deion Sanders trusts his sons, Shilo and Shedeur, not only on the field but also when it comes to the transfer portal.

As leaders of the Colorado Buffaloes, Shilo, who plays defense, and Shedeur, the quarterback, are eager to help. They’ve made themselves available on social media for any transfer players interested in joining the team in Boulder. However, Shilo clarified that Colorado isn’t like “Last Chance U.”

Coach Deion Sanders commented on Thursday after a spring practice session, saying, “The most influential players at every program are probably your best recruiters.” He mentioned that Shedeur receives numerous messages from high-profile players interested in Colorado.

Shilo Sanders sparked attention recently with an Instagram post encouraging defensive transfers to contact him and offensive players to reach out to Shedeur.

Becoming a recruiting coordinator is just one aspect of the new challenges for standout players in today’s unpredictable world of college football.

Shedeur Sanders is okay with this change. He prefers having control over many decisions.

Shilo and Shedeur

“If it’s fourth down, you know the ball has to be in my hands,” said the Buffaloes’ quarterback, who threw for a school-record 3,230 yards last season. However, he was also sacked 52 times, prompting Colorado to revamp its offensive line. “In the final seconds of the game, it has to be in my hands.”

Shilo Sanders chimed in, “Buddy, you’re the quarterback. The ball is going to be in your hands every play.”

Shedeur countered, “You can also hand the ball off. I like having real control over everything.” Potential recruits often reach out to Shedeur because they trust his honest assessment of the situation.

“They just want to make sure they have a home,” he explained. “It’s better to hear from a player than a coach because I can honestly tell you how we’ll use you in our offense.”

Colorado has seen 15 players enter the transfer portal, including running back Alton McCaskill and former five-star recruit Cormani McClain. Deion Sanders wished McClain the best.

“I want the best for him,” Sanders said. “Sometimes you need to disconnect from something to reconnect to something else and restart, re-energize, and stabilize.”

Regarding the turnover in the team, Sanders urged everyone to understand the type of players leaving the program (mostly backups). “We’re good,” he assured. “I trust the recruiting team and our coaches. Please have faith in me. We’ll be fine.”


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