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"He is Doing Great: TV Expert Says Awesome Crystal Palace Player Should Play for England"

Sky Pundit says ‘he is doing great’, Crystal Palace player should play for England

Hey there! You know, David James, who used to be a goalkeeper in the Premier League, thinks that Sam Johnstone from Crystal Palace should see himself on the England national football team?

Sam Johnstone is one of the three goalkeepers selected for the England national team, and Reece James thinks it is a good decision by coach Gareth Southgate to add him to the squad. Well, it is not a bad idea.

What Did David James Say about Sam Johnstone Being in the England Team?

David James said, “Sam Johnstone is playing really well at Crystal Palace, so he deserves this opportunity.”

Sam Johnstone, we know, is a very good goalkeeper, and he is being picked to play for England’s national team. Reece James, who used to play for England, thinks it is a good choice to have Sam Johnstone on the team because he has been doing well for his club, Crystal Palace. So, Sam Johnstone has a chance to prove he is good enough to be part of the England team.

What Did David James Say about Sam Johnstone Being in the England Team?
Sam Johnstone (Credits: Sky Sports)

Johnstone will understand that he needs to keep playing very well to stay as the goalkeeper for Crystal Palace and keep getting picked for the England national team.

Crystal Palace has a new goalkeeper, Dean Henderson, who wants to be the main goalkeeper. And there Is another goalkeeper, Nick Pope, who wants to play for England too. So, Sam Johnstone has to play really, really good to make sure he keeps his spot on the team. It is like a competition to see who is the best!

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Sam Johnstone Can Become the Main Goalkeeper for Crystal Palace

Sam Johnstone has a very good chance to become the first goalkeeper for Crystal Palace after Vicente Guaita left the team. Micah Richards thinks he is a great professional.

Sam Johnstone Can Become the Main Goalkeeper for Crystal Palace
David James (Credits: The Times of India)

While the Eagles have brought Dean Henderson from Manchester United, their coach, Roy Hodgson, says that anyone can actually compete for the goalkeeper position.

Roy Hodgson, the coach of Crystal Palace, has also mentioned something interesting about their goalkeepers. He mentioned that they have more than one good goalkeeper, and they will compete to see who will become the number one goalkeeper for the team. It is like a friendly contest to see who comes out to be the best.

Sam Johnstone may find it a little tough to become England’s top goalkeeper. This is because there are other really good goalkeepers like Jordan Pickford and Aaron Ramsdale.



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