Slovenia forward Šeško fails to convert two opportunities that could have ended Euro 2024 for Portugal led by Ronaldo

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Pepe and Sesko run behind the ball

Twice during Monday’s match, Slovenia’s young striker Benjamin Šeško had opportunities to score against Portugal and potentially eliminate them from the European Championship.

Šeško, aged 21 and seen as a rising star, missed two crucial chances that could have been decisive, similar to the type Cristiano Ronaldo has thrived on throughout his illustrious career.

On both occasions, Šeško faced one-on-one situations with Portugal’s goalkeeper Diogo Costa—in the second half and later in extra time—but Slovenia eventually lost 3-0 in a penalty shootout.

Currently, Šeško has scored 11 goals in his national team career, while Ronaldo, aiming to extend his men’s international record to 130 goals, will continue in the quarterfinals against France on Friday.

Benjamin Sesko kicks the ball but is saved by Diogo Costa

Slovenia’s coach Matjaž Kek expressed full support for Šeško, believing in his exceptional talent and predicting a remarkable career ahead for him.

Arsenal had shown interest in Šeško recently, but he decided to extend his contract with Leipzig just before Euro 2024 began, for a reported 24 million euros ($25.8 million).

Before joining Leipzig, Šeško was part of Red Bull Salzburg, where he was teammates with Erling Haaland. Despite their physical similarities as teenagers, Šeško emphasizes that they have different playing styles.

Known for his speed, Šeško was recorded by UEFA as the fastest runner at Euro 2024, reaching a speed of 35.9 kph (22.3 mph), which was expected to be a key asset in Monday’s game.

In a moment during the match, Šeško engaged in a foot race with 41-year-old Portugal defender Pepe in the 62nd minute. Despite his speed advantage, Šeško’s left-footed shot narrowly missed the target, prompting frustration evident in his reaction.


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