Southgate believes England is poised to reach their peak at Euro 2024, having felt burdened by pressure up to this point

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Gareth Southgate in the training session

England coach Gareth Southgate expects his team to perform their best in the later stages of the European Championship. He attributes their slow start to the tournament to high expectations from the nation.

England entered Euro 2024 with what many considered their strongest squad in 20 years. However, they struggled in the group stage, needed a late equalizer to get past Slovakia in the round of 16, and won on penalties against Switzerland in the quarterfinals.

Southgate noted a shift in mindset among his players, focusing now on what they can achieve rather than potential pitfalls. He anticipates a stronger performance against the Netherlands in the semifinals.

“At the beginning of the tournament, expectations weighed heavily on us,” Southgate said during a pre-match press conference in Dortmund. “The external pressures were louder than ever before.”

Gareth Southgate reacts after a match

He praised his players for grinding out results and believes they showed improvement once they reached the knockout stage. Southgate has employed various tactics to help his team relax, including bringing in pop star Ed Sheeran to play music and allowing them to unwind with a few drinks.

Despite the challenges faced on the field, Southgate believes these experiences have strengthened team unity.

“When you’re defending in the 92nd minute or scoring in the 96th minute (as against Slovakia), there’s nothing that builds team spirit like that,” Southgate said.


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