Spencer Dinwiddie Completes Initial Lakers Practice, Clarifies Signing Decision

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Spencer Dinwiddie finishes first practice with Lakers, explains decision to sign

Spencer Dinwiddie is poised to make his debut with the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday against the Detroit Pistons. After completing his first practice session with the team, Dinwiddie shared his reasons for choosing the Lakers over his former team, the Dallas Mavericks.

Reflecting on his decision, Dinwiddie likened the Mavericks’ approach to comforting reassurance, akin to a parent consoling a child after a tough situation, while he sees the Lakers as embodying a more resilient and assertive attitude, urging him to confront challenges head-on.

This mindset resonated with him, leading him to believe it was the right environment for his current needs.

Spencer Dinwiddie
Spencer Dinwiddie (Credits: Getty Images)

A Los Angeles native, Dinwiddie became a free agent following a trade from the Brooklyn Nets to the Toronto Raptors, culminating in a contract buyout.

This paved the way for his signing with the Lakers, who demonstrated their interest by inviting him to observe a game alongside Rob Pelinka, the team’s president of basketball operations and general manager. The interaction left a positive impression on Dinwiddie, solidifying his decision to join the Lakers.

Furthermore, Dinwiddie already shares familiarity with several members of the Lakers roster, having previously played alongside them on different teams. This existing rapport is expected to facilitate his integration into the team dynamics.

Speaking about the Lakers’ track record of success and their ability to perform under pressure, Dinwiddie expressed confidence in the team’s capacity to navigate challenging situations and emerge victorious. He emphasized their resilience and winning mentality as defining characteristics of the franchise.

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham has indicated his intention to incorporate Dinwiddie into the lineup immediately, with the player already engaging in individual film sessions to prepare for his debut. Despite joining amidst a string of injuries plaguing the team, Dinwiddie is eager to contribute and make an impact on the court.

With his first game approaching, Dinwiddie is ready to seize the opportunity and contribute to the Lakers’ ongoing pursuit of success on the basketball court.


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