Stefon Diggs on Family and Football: Navigating Public Scrutiny Amidst Brother’s Social Media Posts

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Stefon Diggs
Stefon Diggs (Credits: A to Z Sports)

The dynamic between Stefon Diggs and the Buffalo Bills has been a recurring topic in Western New York, and Monday’s prime-time loss to the Denver Broncos once again brought it to the forefront. During that game, Diggs had a limited performance, with just three catches on five targets for 34 yards. The day after, the Bills made a significant change by firing offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, who will be temporarily replaced by assistant Joe Brady.

When asked about the recent changes, Diggs spoke positively about both Dorsey and Brady. He commended Brady, calling him “a hell of a guy,” and expressed respect for Dorsey. Despite the upheaval, Diggs emphasized the need to move forward.

Stefon Diggs
Stefon Diggs (Credits: YardBarker)

However, much of Diggs’ media session on Thursday revolved around a conversation he didn’t initiate. Following Monday’s loss, posts from Stefon’s younger brother, Trevon Diggs, a cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, gained attention on social media. Trevon’s post suggested dissatisfaction with Stefon’s situation in Buffalo. When questioned about his brother’s comments, Stefon Diggs asserted that he can’t control what others, even family members, say publicly about him. He stressed the importance of respecting family privacy and encouraged people to approach his brother directly for clarification.

Diggs, who leads the NFL in receptions, expressed frustration with being repeatedly drawn into discussions about his status in Buffalo. Despite questions arising earlier in the year about his alignment with the team, Diggs reaffirmed his commitment and professionalism. He dismissed conclusions drawn without basis and reiterated his dedication to the Buffalo Bills.

Regarding the team’s offensive struggles, Diggs attributed it to execution issues, emphasizing the need for better communication among the wideouts. While acknowledging the challenges, he maintained optimism about improvement under Joe Brady’s guidance. Diggs urged a focus on tightening loose elements through practice and communication rather than succumbing to negative narratives.

In Diggs’ view, the Bills’ path to postseason success lies more in player-driven leadership than coaching changes. He emphasized a positive outlook, believing that with self-regulation and addressing minor corrections, the team could overcome its current 5-5 record and secure a playoff spot.


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