Stuart Fairchild smacks an inside-the-park home run as the Cincinnati Reds defeat the San Francisco Giants 4-2

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Stuart Fairchild overjoyed after hitting a home run

Pinch-hitter Stuart Fairchild hit an inside-the-park home run, which gave the Reds an important extra run later in the game. This helped left-hander Andrew Abbott secure his first win in nearly a month as the Cincinnati Reds ended an eight-game losing streak by defeating the San Francisco Giants 4-2 on Friday night.

In the eighth inning, Fairchild hit a flyball to left-center off Erik Miller. Left fielder Michael Conforto and center fielder Tyler Fitzgerald tried to catch it, but the ball bounced off the wall between them.

It then rebounded before Fitzgerald got it and threw it to shortstop Casey Schmitt. Fairchild dove headfirst and managed to reach home just before the relay throw, thanks to third base coach J.R. House’s decision to send him.

Stuart Fairchild runs after the base

“I thought I hit it well right from the start, and I started jogging. But when I saw the ball take that unusual bounce, I sprinted full speed ahead. All I could think was, ‘Let’s make it all the way!'” Fairchild said. “When I saw J.R. waving me around third, I knew I had to do it.”

This was the first inside-the-park homer at Oracle Park since Luke Raley of the Tampa Bay Rays hit one on Aug. 16 last year. It was the sixth by an opposing team and the 13th overall. The Reds are hopeful that this win will give them some momentum as we advance.

“We always believed we could do it, but when it finally happens, you realize how much you miss winning. You put in so much effort,” manager David Bell said. “The team enjoys being together and celebrating each other’s successes, and nothing beats the feeling of winning. So, it’s great to get back to that and celebrate together.”


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