Suns’ Kevin Durant: Agent, Father, and Aunt Preferred Knicks Over Nets

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Suns’ Kevin Durant Says Agent, Dad, Aunt wanted Him to Join Knicks over Nets

Kevin Durant and his longtime agent and business partner, Rich Kleiman, recently shared a revealing anecdote during a Boardroom Cover Story. It sheds light on a pivotal moment in Durant’s career: the summer of 2019 when he made the decision to join the Brooklyn Nets over the New York Knicks.

In the interview, Kleiman confessed his desire for Durant to choose the Knicks. “I wanted you to go to the Knicks, bro,” Kleiman admitted. Durant acknowledged Kleiman’s preference, affirming, “You definitely did, more than anything.”

Kleiman’s affinity for the Knicks stemmed from his long-standing fandom, something Durant humorously referred to as “Knicks blinders.” Durant revealed that it wasn’t just Kleiman; even his father and aunt were rooting for the Knicks.

Despite the collective push for the Knicks, Durant opted to join forces with Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn. Their partnership promised excitement, but it also brought challenges.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant (Credits: ABC27)

Durant’s debut season with the Nets was marred by an Achilles injury, sidelining him for the entire year. Subsequent seasons saw promising acquisitions like James Harden, but the team faced setbacks due to injuries and off-court controversies involving Irving.

The trio’s limited appearances together underscored the struggles faced by the Nets, culminating in Harden’s departure in 2022 and Irving’s trade to the Dallas Mavericks a year later. Durant himself found a new home with the Phoenix Suns.

Meanwhile, the Knicks, once overshadowed by the allure of the Nets, underwent a transformation under team president Leon Rose.

Patient roster construction led to a formidable lineup featuring players like Jalen Brunson, O.G. Anunoby, and Julius Randle, supported by a solid roster of role players. With a commendable record of 33-22, the Knicks emerged as playoff contenders, signaling a resurgence for the franchise.

Conversely, the Nets, despite possessing assets like Mikal Bridges and future draft picks, find themselves at a crossroads. Their roster, once brimming with star power, now relies heavily on role players.

The swift shift in fortunes highlights the unpredictability of sports, with the Knicks now poised for success while the Nets navigate uncertainty.

In this tale of two teams, it’s the Knicks who appear to be building something special, reaffirming the adage that in the world of sports, fortunes can change in an instant.


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