Super Bowl 2024: Isiah Pacheco’s Absence Could Have Altered Chiefs’ Super Bowl Path

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Super Bowl 2024: Without Isiah Pacheco, Chiefs might not be back in the Super Bowl

This Kansas City Chiefs journey will forever be intertwined with Patrick Mahomes and their record-breaking passing offense. However, the pivotal role played by Isiah Pacheco in reaching Super Bowl LVIII cannot be overstated.

Amidst the Chiefs’ offensive challenges, Pacheco was entrusted with increased snaps and carries, showcasing his value as he did in the previous postseason. His remarkable streak of six playoff games with at least 75 yards from scrimmage places him among the elite.

In reshaping the Chiefs’ identity, Pacheco’s contributions have been fundamental. As Chiefs offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor emphasized, Pacheco’s role is crucial to the team’s offensive success.

Isiah Pacheco
Isiah Pacheco (Credits: New York Post)

While Mahomes rightfully garners attention and accolades, Pacheco’s performance could significantly impact the outcome of the Super Bowl. His odds of winning the Super Bowl MVP might not be the highest, but his influence on the game cannot be overlooked.

Despite the attention he received towards the end of the season, Pacheco may not have received adequate credit for his role in reviving the Chiefs’ campaign.

Pacheco’s significance became apparent in late-season matchups. After being sidelined due to injury in Weeks 14 and 15, his return to a more substantial role coincided with the Chiefs’ winning streak, highlighting his importance to the team’s success.

Throughout the playoffs, Pacheco has shouldered a heavy workload, defying expectations of fatigue given the number of games played. His relentless energy, likened to a “Tasmanian Devil” by Coach Andy Reid, serves as a catalyst for the team, energizing both offense and defense.

As the Chiefs battled through regular-season setbacks, Pacheco’s infectious enthusiasm provided the spark needed to reignite their momentum.

Pacheco’s role in the Super Bowl looms large, particularly against a San Francisco defense vulnerable to the run. With notable rushing performances in crucial games, Pacheco could be instrumental in securing victory for the Chiefs.

Although the Chiefs traditionally prioritize passing under Mahomes, Pacheco’s emergence signifies a shift towards a more balanced offensive approach, reminiscent of teams reliant on a potent ground game and stout defense to clinch championships.

Despite his humble beginnings as a seventh-round pick from Rutgers, Pacheco’s determination and work ethic mirror that of an undrafted rookie fighting for a roster spot.

For Pacheco, every moment on the field is an opportunity to give his all, embodying the relentless spirit that drives him toward success.


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