The Cowboys persist in attempting to redefine the significance of the phrase “all-in”

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Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones hasn’t led his football team to the Super Bowl or the NFC Championship game since 1995.

Keeping his team highly visible nationally for 30 years without much success on the field is perhaps more impressive than winning a Super Bowl during that time. Another impressive thing is how quickly Jones and the Cowboys have changed the meaning of “all-in.”

We all know what “all-in” means, or at least we used to. It’s a poker term. You’re cautious with your chips, waiting for the right moment. Then, when you believe you have a strong hand, you push all your chips into the middle of the table, risking everything.

It started during a discussion at the Senior Bowl with reporters. Jones didn’t use the term spontaneously. He was asked about going all-in, in the usual sense. Focusing on the present, not the future. Taking a big risk.

Here’s what he said: “I expect that with our key contracts, we want to address, we’ll be all-in. I expect we’ll be all-in at the end of the year… It will be going all-in on different people than you’ve done in the past. We’ll be going all-in.

We’ve seen some things from some players that we want to commit to fully. And yes, I would say that you would see us this coming year not building for the future, is the best way I know to say it. That should answer a lot of questions.”

Dallas Cowboys

Everything seemed clear, until it wasn’t. The Cowboys haven’t shown they’re fully committed. They haven’t dealt with current player contracts or brought in significant help from other teams.

Instead, they’ve given different meanings to “all-in,” except for the usual one. Now, we’re left wondering if “all-in” means something different.

Stephen Jones recently said the Cowboys are “all-in” every year because they always spend the maximum on the salary cap. But “all-in” is meant to be a bold and decisive move, even if it involves risks. It’s about focusing on the present, no matter what happens in the future.

Jerry Jones hasn’t done that this year, or ever. He seems unwilling to do anything that might set the team back in the future. Perhaps he’s worried that if the Cowboys struggle for a few years, they might lose their status as “America’s Team.”

I’ve been wondering if Jones really wants to win another Super Bowl, or if he’s just trying to keep fans spending money on tickets, merchandise, and stadium food. Maybe he’s more interested in TV ratings.

That’s how I see it. He’s a salesman, focused on making money. Saying he’s “all-in” in January was probably just a way to get fans excited for the next season. Then, once they’ve bought their tickets, the team can do something different, while still claiming to be “all-in.” But maybe “all-in” means something different now.

It’s quite a clever trick. Jerry Jones seems to be pulling a fast one on fans who still hope for the Cowboys’ glory days of the 1990s.

Dallas Cowboys (Credits:

But there’s a risk. Fans might catch on. After last year’s disappointing loss to the Packers, what has the team done to get better? The coach who admitted he didn’t see the upset coming is still in charge. (Honestly, that should have cost Mike McCarthy his job.)

There haven’t been any big signings to improve the team. Some key players have left, including 40% of the starting offensive line. So, the Cowboys aren’t looking stronger than they were last season. It makes Jerry Jones saying “all-in” over and over again seem strange now.

It’s hard not to think that fans might lose hope for this season and focus on 2025 instead. And who knows what Jones will come up with then? Maybe he’ll try to get everyone excited by hiring Bill Belichick as the coach.

“Step right up, folks! Get ready to see the Cowboys soar to new heights in 2025 with the greatest coach in sports history, Bill Belichick!

This is the year you won’t want to miss. We’re all-in. Well, maybe not like last year, but enough to get you to spend your money again. Did I say that out loud? Never mind, just get ready for some Cowboys football!”


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