The Extraordinary Journey of Tommy DeVito: From Home Living to Starting Quarterback for the New York Giants

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Tommy DeVito
Tommy DeVito (Credits: Fox News)

New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley was taken aback when confronted with a straightforward question about the team’s starting quarterback, Tommy DeVito, residing at home. Barkley, puzzled, inquired about the details, learning from ESPN that DeVito, a New Jersey native, was not only starting for the Giants but also living with his parents in Cedar Grove, N.J., just nine miles from the team’s facilities.

DeVito, set to make his debut start against the Dallas Cowboys due to injuries to Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor, seemed unfazed by the unconventional arrangement. The rookie and undrafted free agent, a local standout from Don Bosco Prep High School, found himself on the active roster after starting the season on the practice squad.

Tommy DeVito
Tommy DeVito (Credits: Fan Sided)

Living at homemade practical sense for DeVito, considering the demands and stress associated with playing at the professional level. He expressed that everything he needed was readily available at home, with his family handling non-football aspects of his life, such as meals and laundry.

Justin Pugh, a veteran offensive lineman, expressed surprise at DeVito’s living situation but commended the decision, emphasizing the financial wisdom and lack of distractions. Other players, including wide receivers Jalin Hyatt, Wan’Dale Robinson, and Bryce Ford-Wheaton, have visited DeVito’s home, with Hyatt praising his teammate for introducing him to the local scene.

Despite the unique living arrangement, DeVito has gained the respect and admiration of his teammates. His vibrant personality showcased even in his postgame attire, has endeared him to the Giants’ coaching staff and players. Offensive coordinator Mike Kafka acknowledged the rare opportunity DeVito has as an undrafted quarterback starting an NFL game, emphasizing the potential for an extraordinary story.

Saquon Barkley summed up the situation, highlighting the remarkable narrative of an undrafted New Jersey native living with his parents getting the chance to be the starting quarterback for the New York Giants.


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