The Florida Panthers are unique, and coach Paul Maurice sees that as a compliment

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Florida Panthers

Typically during playoff time, if a coach called the Florida Panthers “weird,” it might spark some motivation. But this time, no one was bothered. It was Panthers coach Paul Maurice who said it.

Maurice uses terms like “weird,” “goofy,” and “unique” to describe his team, and he means it positively. To him, these qualities are what helped the Panthers achieve success, including winning the Atlantic Division and earning 110 points.

Panthers captain Aleksander Barkov explains that the team knows when to be serious on the ice but also enjoys having fun off it. The bond between the players is strong, and they cherish spending time together.

Maurice believes that having fun is important for the team’s success. The Panthers’ practice facility was built with this in mind, providing amenities to encourage camaraderie among the players. According to Maurice, there’s something special about the Panthers’ locker room atmosphere compared to others in sports.

Inside the Panthers’ locker room, everyone is fair game for jokes. From Barkov to Tkachuk to Ekblad and even Maurice himself.

Backup goalie Stolarz admits that goalies have superstitions, but he tries to break the mold by keeping things light-hearted and joking around with teammates.

The team is diverse, with players from different countries and backgrounds. Yet, unlike other teams where players might stick to their groups, everyone in Florida’s locker room mingles and bonds with each other.

Florida Panthers (Credits: The Mirror)

Forward Reinhart emphasizes the tight-knit nature of the team, highlighting the ease with which new players fit in and feel comfortable.

In the playoffs, where emotions run high and every game counts, this camaraderie becomes even more crucial. The team’s unity helps them through the highs and lows of postseason hockey.

By this point in the season, if the team hasn’t bonded and built trust, it’s unlikely to happen. But Maurice isn’t concerned about that with his team. He sees their uniqueness, or “weirdness,” as he calls it, as a positive factor, especially as they approach the playoffs.

According to Maurice, the atmosphere in the locker room allows every player, including himself, to be themselves without feeling judged. With a mix of personalities and characters, players feel comfortable expressing their true selves, which brings out their quirks and strengths.


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