The Golden State Warriors defeat the Dallas Mavericks 104-100 despite Luka Doncic’s triple-double performance

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State Warriors vs Mavericks (Credits: CBS Sports)

Andrew Wiggins scored 23 points as the Golden State Warriors defeated the Dallas Mavericks 104-100 on Tuesday night, breaking the Mavericks’ winning streak of seven games.

Despite Luka Doncic’s impressive performance with his 20th triple-double of the season, where he scored 30 points, grabbed 12 rebounds, and made 11 assists, the Warriors managed to secure the win.

Doncic is one of the top players in the NBA this season, averaging 33.9 points per game. He’s recorded the third-highest number of triple-doubles, behind only Domantas Sabonis and Nikola Jokic.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr commended Wiggins for his defensive efforts against Doncic, highlighting the importance of their defense in securing the victory.

The Mavericks closed the gap to 102-100 with just 15 seconds left on the clock, but the Warriors held on to win, thanks in part to late free throws from Klay Thompson.

State Warriors vs Mavericks (Credits: NBC Sports)

Despite Stephen Curry’s off-night shooting, with just 5 for 18 from the floor, six Warriors players scored in double digits, contributing to the team’s fifth consecutive win. Draymond Green’s key defensive plays down the stretch, including a crucial block and a layup, were instrumental in securing the win for the Warriors.

The game saw momentum swings, with the Mavericks initially starting strong with a 9-0 run, but the Warriors fought back to take the lead by the end of the first quarter. Both teams exchanged leads throughout the game, making it feel like a playoff atmosphere.

Warriors forward Jonathan Kuminga missed his fourth consecutive game due to a knee injury, but he is expected to return for the next game against Houston.

Mavericks’ rookie center Dereck Lively II is expected to be out for up to two weeks due to knee soreness, as announced by coach Jason Kidd before the game. Lively sustained the injury during Sunday’s game against the Rockets.


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