The league’s quest for an NFL Media partner wasn’t discussed at the annual meetings

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NFL off-season (Credits: Getty Images)

During the NFL’s recent meetings, discussions about the future of NFL Media were absent among the various topics addressed.

According to Brian Rolapp, NFL’s chief media and business officer, the ongoing search for a partner for NFL Media was not brought up during the meetings. Earlier reports suggested talks between ESPN and the NFL for a potential deal, but concerns arose regarding potential conflicts of interest if ESPN gains control over NFL Media.

NFL off-season (Credits: Getty Images)

Rolapp emphasized the NFL’s commitment to innovation despite the changing face, stating that the league will continue to operate from a position of strength. However, questions remain about the value of NFL Media, especially considering the challenges it faces, such as the temporary hiatus of shows like Good Morning Football during its relocation.

Some speculate that the NFL is reducing costs related to NFL Media while waiting for a suitable partner to acquire it. This uncertainty affects morale within NFL Media, and many hope for a clear long-term plan from the NFL regarding the future of its media operations.


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