The NBA imposes a $75,000 fine on Gobert for expressing frustration over a foul call by making another money gesture

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Rudy Gobert tries to take the control of the ball

The NBA fined Rudy Gobert, the center for the Minnesota Timberwolves, $75,000 for another gesture that the league deemed inappropriate and unprofessional. During a game against Denver, Gobert showed frustration over a foul call by rubbing his thumbs together as if counting money while walking up the court. This action was captured on the TNT broadcast.

Joe Dumars, the executive vice president of basketball operations, stated that the fine took into consideration Gobert’s past behavior towards game officials. Earlier in a game against Cleveland, Gobert received a technical foul and a $100,000 fine for making the same money-counting gesture after fouling out.

Following the Cleveland game, Gobert expressed concern about the influence of gambling on the sport and implied that officials may be influenced by it, which could affect game outcomes.

“I’ll take the fine,” Gobert said. “But I think it’s hurting our game. I know the betting and all that is becoming bigger and bigger.”

Rudy Gobert reacts after the game

The referees during Sunday’s game didn’t seem to notice his less obvious gesture, but the league did. Before Game 5 in Denver, Timberwolves coach Chris Finch acknowledged Gobert’s frustrations with officiating.

“It’s always been tough for big guys in this league to get fair calls,” Finch said. “I’m pretty sure Rudy’s taken more hits to the head that haven’t been called or reviewed than most players. People often foul him intentionally just to make him shoot free throws, so it can get frustrating for him.”

Finch also mentioned the $100,000 fine imposed on Nuggets point guard Jamal Murray for similar actions in Game 2.

“I’m disappointed in the gesture and the fine,” Finch said of Gobert’s punishment. “But you can’t disrespect the officials like that. It’s a bit confusing though, because if the money gesture costs $75,000, then does throwing a towel and a heat pack cost $10,000 and $15,000? It’s a bit puzzling, but we’ll see.”


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