The NFL Starting Qbs Are Getting Younger and Younger

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NFL Qbs (Credits: NFL)

Playing quarterback in the NFL is difficult. Time is a huge factor required for learning and mastering the complications of the position. Only the best players with sufficient endurance, support, and training overcome the obstacles.

Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, Carson Palmer, and Alex Smith all retired from the NFL in recent seasons. Those seven QBs averaged around 240 starts and 412 touchdown passes during their careers. There are no super-seasoned quarterbacks to replace them.

NFL starting QBs are getting younger (Credits: NFL)

Statistical Analysis

The average age for quarterbacks has been the youngest since 1957. Young isn’t necessarily poor at the game, but quarterbacks who are successful enough to start deep into their 30s are generally better than any pool of less-accomplished players.

From 2017, the average age of the quarterback has fallen from (30.3) to 2023 (27.9), which is the largest for any six-year span.

When Ryan and Brady retired last season, the average age dropped from (29.2) to this season (27). There are four categories for splitting the experience into years, from 1-4 years experience, 5- 8 years experience, 9-12 years experience, and 13+ years experience.

This year, around 15 players have one to four years of experience, nine players with five to eight years of experience, six players with 9 to 12 years of experience, and two players with 13 and above years of experience. Quarterbacks with less experience generally can handle less of the playbook, which sometimes results in schemes that defenses can solve more readily.

Bruce Young (Credits: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

High experience, High win percentage

There is also a recent statistical analysis that shows that experienced QBs have better competition percentages and win percentages compared to less experienced QBs.

There is a recurring nature to such things in the NFL, but in this current era where training, nutrition, and additional safety rules are lengthening careers, especially for quarterbacks, a run of poor drafts has been the reason from 2006 to 2016, leaving a void that could compromise the level of play.

We do know the average age, for starters, has not been lower in more than six decades and that this marks a huge change from only six years ago. It’s something to keep in mind when watching how this season and the next several plays out.

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