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The Old Liverpool and Arsenal Heroes are Already Super Popular With Their New Teams' Fans!

The old Liverpool and Arsenal heroes are already super popular with heir new teams’ fans

Naby Keita and Granit Xhaka are very famous now in their new German soccer teams. They used to play for big teams like Liverpool and Arsenal in England, but they left during the summer. A German magazine called Kicker told everyone that they are very popular in their new teams.

The former Tottenham Hotspur talisman is the only British football export to be a big hit with a passionate fan base, as Harry Kane’s number 9 shirt flies off the shelves of the Bayern Munich club’s stores. Isn’t it?

The Old Liverpool and Arsenal Heroes are Already Super Popular With Their New Teams' Fans!
Naby Keita has a new club (Credits: Goal)

Past Liverpool and Arsenal Heroes are Already Loved by the Fans

Kicker, which contacted all 18 Bundesliga teams, said Naby Keita and Granit Xhaka, who signed from Werder Bremen and Bayer Leverkusen in the summer from Liverpool and Arsenal, are also among the most capped players. He claims to have been informed. -Top players have moved to new clubs.

Keita has not had the opportunity to play for Werder Bremen yet. He had some issues with his muscles when he played at Anfield, and unfortunately, he is dealing with another injury now. But despite these setbacks, many people still see him as one of the most well-known players that Werder Bremen has signed in recent years.

The one-time Premier League and Champions League winners have made the team really excited. This team did not do very well last season; they were only a little better than the teams that could have gone down to a lower league.

Meanwhile, Xhaka is already one of the first names in the Bayer Leverkusen squad. He was an integral part of Xabi Alonso’s car and was the driving force behind the early leaders’ unbeaten start to the new season.

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Xhaka Does Really Well When Playing Against the Team Leverkusen

“It is an honor to wear the captain’s armband,” said Leverkusen captain Lukas Hradecki (kicker) with a big smile. “But with Granite, I do not have to be the only one speaking.

Xhaka Does Really Well When Playing Against the Team Leverkusen
Granit Xhaka (Credits: Goal)

“I have to work together with him, and it makes my job easier. He is a leader and has lots of things to do.

“Xhaka keeps things calm during the game, often with short passes. He has a big impact on the team and helps everyone feel comfortable, both on and off the field.”

Still, to add for you, in another news, Stan Collymore has given his thoughts on Arsenal and Norway’s attacking midfielder Martin Odegaard. The former Liverpool striker says Arsenal playmaker Martin Odegaard is a phenomenal player.

The talkSPORT pundit pointed out that Odegaard is technically very good and believes it would be great news if he were able to sign a new contract with Arsenal.

There is speculation that the 24-year-old could commit to a long-term future at Arsenal by signing a new contract.


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