Themba Gorimbo Unveils Strategy for Securing UFC Title Shot in 2024: “It’s going to happen”

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Themba Gorimbo reveals how he can get UFC title shot in 2024: “It’s going to happen”

Themba Gorimbo, in a conversation with media representatives during the post-fight press conference at UFC Vegas 85, outlined his strategy for securing a UFC title shot this year, as reported by

Confidently, Gorimbo asserted, “It’s inevitable. What I foresee is a short-notice bout against a top-10 opponent. I’ll emerge victorious, presenting my case. I won’t be bound by a conventional pathway of climbing through the rankings. I have a significant platform, coupled with the skills that make me a formidable challenge for anyone in the top 10. They might not realize it, but I am.”

Themba Gorimbo
Themba Gorimbo (Credits: New Zimbabwe)

Acknowledging the frequent occurrence of injuries in MMA, Gorimbo anticipates that a window of opportunity will open for him as long as he continues to perform well inside the Octagon.

“I won’t have to navigate through the ranks from top 15 to top 10 to top five,” Gorimbo explained. “While I don’t wish injuries upon anyone, it’s a reality in our sport. Someone will have to withdraw from a fight, and the UFC will propose my name, Themba Gorimbo. They’ll have no option but to accept, and once I step in, do my job, and secure a win, it will be against either Leon or Rakhmonov. I believe they are the top contenders when I reach that point.”

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