“This is my domain, and I’m going to make it clear”: Brian Shaw on Kobe Bryant’s approach to asserting dominance within the Lakers squad

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Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant was renowned for his fierce competitiveness against opponents and new teammates, as shared by his former colleague Brian Shaw.

In an episode of “Podcast P with Paul George,” Shaw recounted Bryant’s approach during early-season practices, where he consistently aimed to establish dominance over the team’s latest additions.

According to Shaw, Bryant made it a point to request to be placed on the opposing scrimmage team as soon as practices began, signaling his intent to assert his leadership and prowess.

“The first thing that Kobe would tell Phil [Jackson] is, ‘When we start scrimmaging, put me on the other team,’ ’cause he needed to establish the pecking order. ‘This is my s**t and I’mma let you know that this is my s**t,’” Shaw explained.

Brian Shaw (Credits: Getty Images)

One memorable incident occurred during the 2000-01 season involving newly acquired free agent Isaiah “J.R.” Rider, who trash-talked with Bryant. The exchange prompted Bryant to halt the practice and challenge Rider to a one-on-one matchup to assert his dominance.

“So, I remember J.R. Rider scored on Kobe and was talking s**t one day in practice early in that season. So, Kobe said, ‘Me and you after practice, one-on-one,’” Shaw recounted. “So, Phil stopped the practice, and then we all went and sat on the side and watched them two play one-on-one … and Kobe ate his a** up. He chewed him up.”

Shaw further revealed that veteran Horace Grant teased Rider following Bryant’s decisive victory over Rider, leading him to a boiling point. “So, we were sitting on the sideline, and Horace Grant I remember going, ‘Be careful what you ask for,’” Shaw recalled.

“He got so mad that he came over to the sideline, fists balled up, all swelled up, he was like, ‘I’ll beat all y’all a**es,’ ’cause he was so embarrassed.”


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