Titans GM Says Teams Interested in Trading for No. 7 Pick in 2024 NFL Draft: ‘People Are Nosy’

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Titans GM Confirms Trade Talks over No. 7 2024 NFL Draft Pick: ‘People Are Nosy’

Tennessee Titans general manager Ran Carthon revealed that there’s been interest from other teams in trading up for the Titans’ No. 7 pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Carthon emphasized the importance of considering all offers, stating that while the team is open to trading back, they are listening to see if any enticing offers come their way.

Despite potential trade interest, Carthon noted that there are certain prospects that could sway the Titans from trading down. The team’s draft strategy seems to be mostly set, with a clear idea of the talent expected to be available in the early rounds.

The latest mock draft suggests that several promising prospects could still be on the board at No. 7, including Joe Alt, Malik Nabers, Jared Verse, and Brock Bowers. Carthon indicated that any decision regarding the first-round pick, including a potential trade, would be influenced by input from the coaching staff.

Ran Carthon
Ran Carthon (Credits: Titans Wire – USA Today)

Carthon’s decision-making process is part of a broader restructuring effort within the Titans, which includes a new leadership group featuring head coach Brian Callahan and coordinators Nick Holz and Dennard Wilson. The No. 7 pick represents a pivotal opportunity for the team to bolster its roster following a challenging season.

The Titans are expected to prioritize players who can support quarterback Will Levis, who is set to enter his first full season as the team’s starter. Nabers and Alt have been identified as potential targets for Tennessee, with Nabers in particular drawing significant interest as a top receiving option for Levis.

Ultimately, Carthon faces significant pressure to make the right decision with the first-round pick, whether that involves selecting a player or leveraging the pick to acquire additional assets. The outcome will play a crucial role in shaping the Titans’ trajectory as they aim to return to playoff contention.


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