Tom Brady Commends Brock Purdy for Outstanding Performance as 49ers Advance to Super Bowl 58: ‘Executed Excellently’

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Tom Brady Praises Brock Purdy After 49ers Reach Super Bowl 58: ‘Done a Great Job’

Tom Brady, with his extensive experience in numerous conference championship games throughout his illustrious career, commended Brock Purdy for his composure in the second half of the NFC Championship Game, where the San Francisco 49ers secured a 34-31 victory over the Detroit Lions.

During his recent Let’s Go! In the podcast (12:20 mark), Brady expressed his admiration for Purdy’s performance, stating, “Done a great job … Yesterday, I thought he played so well in the second half.”

Facing a 17-point halftime deficit, Purdy played a crucial role in leading the 49ers on multiple consecutive scoring drives. Simultaneously, San Francisco’s defense limited the Lions to just seven points in the final two quarters.

While the 24-year-old quarterback struggled in the first half, contributing to the significant deficit with 93 passing yards and an interception, he rebounded impressively in the second half.

Purdy amassed 174 passing yards and threw a touchdown. Additionally, he showcased his mobility, gaining 48 yards on five rush attempts in the third and fourth quarters.

“He made some big plays with his feet, moving the ball down the field, and [I] thought that he led the team to a great victory,” remarked Brady. “So, I think he’s done terrific.”

Brady, a three-time MVP with the most passing yards and passing touchdowns in NFL playoff history, draws from his extensive experience in AFC and NFC title games.

Having participated in 14 championship games throughout his career—13 in the AFC with the New England Patriots and one in the NFC with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—Brady is well-versed in the requirements to reach the Super Bowl.

Looking ahead to Super Bowl 58 on Feb. 11, the 49ers are counting on Purdy to replicate his second-half performance.

San Francisco is set to face the formidable defense of the Kansas City Chiefs, whose 57 regular-season sacks ranked second-highest in the NFL. In their recent victory over the Baltimore Ravens, the Chiefs demonstrated their defensive prowess by bringing down Lamar Jackson four times.


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