Tom Brady Endorses Philosophy Supporting Bears’ Decision to Keep Matt Eberflus

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Tom Brady shares philosophy beneficial to Bears retaining Matt Eberflus

Tom Brady recently shared a perspective that aligns with the Chicago Bears’ decision to retain head coach Matt Eberflus amid the controversy surrounding their offseason moves.

The Bears faced criticism for parting ways with offensive coordinator Luke Getsy while keeping Eberflus, whose second season with the team fell short of expectations, leading to calls for his dismissal.

Despite the attractive options available in the coaching free agent market, the Bears opted for continuity, a choice that Brady, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, supports.

Tom Brady Endorses Philosophy Supporting Bears' Decision to Keep Matt Eberflus
Tom Brady Endorses Philosophy Supporting Bears’ Decision to Keep Matt Eberflus (Credits: NBC Sports)

Brady emphasized the importance of continuity in the NFL, comparing it to learning a language over several years. He stressed that consistently building on experiences, especially in critical game situations, contributes to a team’s success.

Acknowledging Eberflus’s contribution to the Bears’ improved defense in the latter part of the season, Brady defended the decision to retain him. The Bears won their final five home games and five of their last eight games under Eberflus’s guidance.

However, Brady acknowledged areas where the coaching staff fell short, resulting in the dismissal of several coaches, including offensive coordinator Luke Getsy.

While the Chase Claypool trade and the lack of development from quarterback Justin Fields fueled the argument for Eberflus’s firing, Brady emphasized the significance of continuity in coaching.

He highlighted that hitting the reset button on a head coach could disrupt organizational stability. Despite the offensive reset with the appointment of new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron, Brady suggested that retaining Eberflus contributes to continuity on the defensive side.

The debate over whether retaining Eberflus is the right choice for the Bears continues, with some questioning the decision given the team’s offensive challenges. However, the organization appears committed to maintaining stability on the defensive front while adjusting the offensive playbook under Waldron.


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