Tom Brady Names Patrick Mahomes as His Successor in ‘Let’s Go Podcast’ Conversation

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Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes (Credits: MARCA)

During the latest installment of his ‘Let’s Go Podcast,’ Tom Brady, alongside co-host Jim Gray and special guest Shaquille O’Neal, engaged in a conversation about who might eventually inherit the mantle of the greatest NFL quarterback after Brady. The expected answer came as no surprise, as Brady promptly cited Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

In Brady’s words, “Good question. I think when I’m looking at guys in pro football, quarterbacks, Patrick’s the one that really stands out… They’ve done a great job since he’s really taken over. And he’s got a really great coach like I was fortunate [to have] like you were fortunate [to have] that helps you and is there for you when things are going good and not good. Gives you the humble pie when things are going good and knows how to pick you up when things aren’t good.”

While Brady didn’t delve into an extensive tribute to Mahomes’ exceptional football prowess, his swift recognition of Mahomes should be considered high praise for the Chiefs’ quarterback, reassuring him of his status as acknowledged by the greatest of all time.

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes

Yet, true to Brady’s character, he seized the moment to reflect on the significance of constancy and enduring excellence to maintain one’s supremacy. He emphasized, “It’s going to be interesting. People have to do it for a long time, and I did it for a long time. When I look at my career, I was able to do it every single year for basically every single game.”

However, Brady subtly cast a shadow of doubt on Mahomes’ aspirations to emulate his prolonged success, citing the evolving nature of the game, particularly with regard to the quarterback position. Brady noted, “I think, unfortunately, the way the game’s going, a lot of the guys are running the ball a lot more, and it just makes for a shorter career. They’ve loosened the rules up a little bit.

We’ve talked about this a few times on the show, but some of the rules in regard to hitting the quarterback so now it’s allowing quarterbacks to run more. But running quarterbacks don’t last that long. I don’t know who can play for 21 years. I really don’t. I know what it took, and it took a lot.”

In essence, the podcast discussion primarily revolved around the importance of coaching, consistency, and longevity in maintaining the pinnacle of quarterback performance. However, it is indisputable that Tom Brady’s latest remarks on his podcast affirm his belief that Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback, currently reigns as the preeminent quarterback in the NFL.


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