Top Furina Team Compositions in Genshin Impact

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Best Furina Team Comps in Genshin Impact

This article explores the optimal Furina team compositions, enabling players to dominate the battles of Teyvat with the Hydro Archon. The release of any Archon in Genshin Impact is always a moment of excitement for the community, and the arrival of Furina in Version 4.2 was no exception. As is customary, Archons establish themselves in the Meta, and Furina, with her unique blend of defensive and offensive capabilities using the power of hydro, became a standout character.

Hailing from Fontaine and representing the Hydro Archon, Furina scales off HP, making her a versatile character with potent elemental skills and Arkhe alignment. This article details the best team compositions for Furina, maximizing her potential in various scenarios.

Top Furina Team Compositions in Genshin Impact
Top Furina Team Compositions in Genshin Impact (Credits: The Nerd Stash)

Best Furina Team Comps

Furina, a 5-star Hydro unit, brings versatility to the table with her ability to switch Arkhe energy from Pneuma to Ousia, making her an asset in any team. She excels at buffing her team, healing allies, and dealing formidable off-field damage. Even in the role of a sub-DPS, Furina can unleash substantial damage while supporting the primary DPS effectively.

1. Neuvillette + Yae Miko + Furina + Kazuha

This star-studded team of limited 5 stars promises an exhilarating experience. The synergy between Furina and Neuvillette extends beyond lore to gameplay, with Neuvillette’s ability to deplete and heal HP complementing Furina’s Fanfare stacks. Yae Miko provides consistent off-field DPS and sets up Electro-Charged reactions, while Kazuha enhances elemental damage with swirls. This team offers rapid enemy elimination.

Team Rotation:

  • Start with Ousia Furina’s elemental skill and burst.
  • Deploy Yae Miko’s Sesshou Sakura using her skills.
  • Switch to Kazuha to swirl hydro with his elemental skill and burst.
  • Use Neuvillette’s elemental skill and burst.
  • Utilize Furina’s charged attacks to switch to Pneuma for healing when necessary.


  • Neuvillette: Marechaussee Hunter, Tome of The Eternal Flow or The Widsith
  • Yae Miko: Thundering Fury + Gladiator’s Finale or Golden Troupe, Kagura’s Verity or The Widsith
  • Furina: Golden Troupe, Splendor of Tranquil Waters or Fleuve Cendre Ferryman
  • Kazuha: Viridescent Venerer, Freedom Sworn, or Iron Sting

2. Wriothesley + Furina + Diona + Sucrose

This team relies more on 4-star characters, with Wrio as the main DPS and cryo enabler. Furina serves as the sub-DPS, applying Hydro efficiently with Diona, providing healing and shields, and acting as a battery for Wrio. Sucrose enhances overall damage with swirls and crowd control.

Team Rotation:

  • Use Furina’s Elemental Skill and Ultimate.
  • Switch to Diona to inflict cryo on enemies with her skill and burst.
  • Switch to Kazuha for his skill and burst.
  • Switch to Wriothsley and spam his normal attacks, skill, and burst to deal continuous damage and freeze enemies.


  • Wriothesley: Marechaussee Hunter, Cashflow Supervision or The Widsith
  • Diona: Noblesse Oblige, Sacrificial Bow, or Favonius Bow
  • Sucrose: Viridescent Venerer, Sacrificial Fragments

3. Hu Tao + Furina + Xingqiu + Zhongli

A classic Vaporize team featuring Hu Tao as the main DPS paired with Furina. Zhongli’s shield protects Hu Tao, and the team benefits from the double Hydro composition, enhancing max HP. Yelan can be used as a substitute, gaining from the HP increase.

Team Rotation:

  • Hold Zhongli’s Elemental Skill to get the shield.
  • Switch to Furina, using her skill, and then burst.
  • Switch to Xingqiu, use his skill, and then burst.
  • Use Hu Tao’s Elemental Skill and spam her normal and charge attacks.
  • Use Hu Tao’s burst when available.


  • Hu Tao: Crimson Witch of Flames, Staff of Homa Deathmatch or Dragon’s Bane
  • Xingqiu: Emblem Of Severed Fate, Sacrificial Sword
  • Zhongli: Tenacity of the Millelith or Noblesse Oblige, Staff of Homa or Black Tassel

In the Fontaine region, where enemies in the Spiral Abyss possess Arkhe energies, Hydro is considered a powerful element. Furina’s ability to switch between Pneuma and Ousia makes her a valuable asset in conquering the Spiral Abyss.

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