Toyota Stays Calm After Winning WEC Imola Race

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Toyota not “getting over excited” over WEC Imola triumph

David Floury, the technical director at Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe, offered a measured perspective following his team’s victory in the Imola 6 Hours race. Despite the win, he cautioned against excessive celebration, emphasizing that the outcome was shaped more by strategic decisions than by raw speed. Floury acknowledged Ferrari’s superior pace but highlighted Toyota’s triumph through effective strategy and team execution.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the comparative lack of pace of Toyota’s GR010 compared to Ferrari’s 499P LMH, indicating an area for improvement. However, he praised Kamui Kobayashi’s driving skills during the final stretch of the race, particularly his ability to conserve fuel while maintaining the lead and fending off challenges from competitors, notably the factory Porsche driven by Kevin Estre.

Ferrari initially dominated the race, but key strategic errors, including delayed tire changes in response to rain, cost them the lead. The Italian manufacturer admitted to misinterpreting the weather forecast and experiencing communication issues that disrupted their planned strategies, ultimately leading to Toyota’s victory.

Toyota Stays Calm After Winning WEC Imola Race
Toyota Stays Calm After Winning WEC Imola Race (Credits: Sportscar 365)

The Imola race marked a turnaround for Toyota following a disappointing performance in the season-opener in Qatar. A Balance of Performance adjustment contributed to shaking up the competition, although Floury suggested that further leveling of the playing field in the Hypercar class is needed, particularly regarding straight-line speed discrepancies.

Floury discussed the introduction of a new component in the Balance of Performance system called “power gain,” aimed at more accurately matching the performance profiles of cars in the Hypercar class.

This system, which adjusts maximum power figures above a certain speed threshold, was tested during pre-season trials but has not yet been implemented in races, with timing yet to be confirmed by the governing bodies.

Floury’s comments reflect a pragmatic assessment of Toyota’s victory, acknowledging areas for improvement while also recognizing the team’s success in executing race strategy effectively. The competitive dynamics within the Hypercar class, including the ongoing adjustments to Balance of Performance regulations, continue to shape the landscape of endurance racing in the World Endurance Championship.


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