Tragic Accident in Sri Lanka: Race Car Mishap Claims 7 Lives, Injures 20

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Car Race in Sri Lanka
A race car after it got into an accident (Credit: News Feed)

Tragedy struck during a racing event in Sri Lanka on Sunday, as a car careened off the track in Diyatalawa, crashing into a crowd of onlookers and officials. The devastating accident claimed the lives of seven individuals and left 20 others injured, according to officials.

The incident occurred amidst a race in the central hills of Diyatalawa, drawing thousands of spectators to witness the thrilling competition. The exact cause of the mishap remains unclear, prompting authorities to launch an investigation into the tragic event.

Car Race in Sri Lanka
A tragic race car accident in Sri Lanka (Credit: Fox 59)

According to police spokesman Nihal Thalduwa, one of the vehicles lost control, veering off its designated path and colliding with spectators and event officials. Tragically, among the seven fatalities were four race officials, while the injured, totaling 20, were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. Regrettably, three of the wounded individuals are reported to be in critical condition.

In response to the accident, authorities swiftly suspended the ongoing race, which marked the 17th installment out of 24 scheduled events. The swift action aimed to prioritize the safety and well-being of all attendees amidst the chaotic aftermath of the incident.

The race, hosted at a Sri Lankan military academy, attracted a sizable crowd of approximately 45,000 spectators. Organized jointly by the Sri Lankan army and Sri Lanka Automobile Sports, the event aimed to showcase the excitement of motorsport to enthusiasts across the country. However, the day ended in tragedy, leaving a somber atmosphere and prompting reflection on the importance of safety measures in such events.


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