Travis Kelce Reflects on Chiefs’ Frustrating Loss to Broncos and Urges Team Improvement

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Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce (Credits: Talk Sport)

Travis Kelce expressed his dissatisfaction with his team’s performance during their 24-9 loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday. In the latest episode of “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce,” the 34-year-old tight end shared his thoughts on the frustrating defeat and shed light on the Chiefs’ perspective for the remainder of the season.

Kelce described feeling awkward during the game and lamented the Chiefs’ offensive line’s inability to find momentum on Sunday. He didn’t mince words, telling his older brother Jason, who is 35, that the situation was embarrassing.

The Kansas City tight end pointed out that he and his teammates lacked a sense of urgency when facing Russell Wilson’s Denver Broncos. He explained that when they did finally muster that urgency, they often turned the ball over, leading to further frustration.

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce

Kelce acknowledged the Chiefs’ reliance on their defense to salvage the situation amid ongoing offensive struggles. He expressed his concern about the offense’s underperformance, noting that he hadn’t experienced such a challenging situation in his career.

The two-time Super Bowl champion emphasized that their rough patch was frustrating, and he was tired of not delivering touchdowns week after week, a sentiment he believed was shared by the fans.

Addressing the Chiefs Kingdom, Kelce acknowledged that the team’s current performance didn’t align with their past successes as reigning NFL champions. He also mentioned that quarterback Patrick Mahomes battled flu-like symptoms before and during the game, making their struggles even more unacceptable at this stage in the season.

Regarding Mahomes, Kelce lauded him as the best offensive mind and quarterback in the game but emphasized that the team needed to improve rapidly to avoid the situation worsening.

As the NFL season reached its ninth week, Kelce recognized the challenge of rectifying their performance before it spiraled out of control. He described the previous game as embarrassing, making him feel queasy.

After Kelce’s candid assessment of the loss, Jason suggested that his brother was being too hard on himself, although he acknowledged the necessity of such self-critique in the league.

In the aftermath of their victory, the Denver Broncos took the opportunity to play Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” poking fun at Kelce and his connection to the pop star. It’s worth noting that the Chiefs had remained undefeated in the four games Swift attended.

Denver’s defense played a significant role in their victory over Kansas City, marking their second encounter of the season. In the initial matchup, with Swift in attendance, the Chiefs emerged victorious with a 19-8 score.


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