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Trossard's Goal Helps Arsenal Beat Everton, 'We Played the Game Where We Wanted to' Mikel Arteta

Trossard’s Goal Helps Arsenal Beat Everton, ‘We Played the Game Where We Wanted to’ Mikel Arteta

“We have not won in six years, and there are several reasons for that,” Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta told Sky Sports. “It depends on how we do things and what input we bring into individual actions. I think he showed a great play.

Arteta said they had a big chance to put the ball into the net, and their first goal of the day was not accepted by the referee, but it should have been ours, he said. We were able to control the game, and I am very happy that we won without giving up a goal to the other team.”

Trossard's Goal Helps Arsenal Beat Everton, 'We Played the Game Where We Wanted to' Mikel Arteta
Everton’s Nathan Patterson in action with Arsenal’s Gabriel (Credits: Reuters)

We Played the Game Where We Wanted to

As for Martinelli’s injury, he said, “I felt something in his thigh muscle, so I need to get it checked out.”

Compared to the last defeat at Goodison Park, this time, we were much stronger and controlled the game the way we had wanted for a long time. We didn’t give them much, and we didn’t even give them a chance to score. It’s not just about acting smartly. It also means playing hard. ”

During the match, Trossard scored a goal no other person was able to score. Well, it is not just their first win this week; they played with Belgium, and they won.

Now Mikel Arteta thinks what’s important is having players. It is important to go with players who can score and perform well in the game. Even new players and substitutes did a great job for them. That is why Mikel is putting full trust in them.

Mikel went further to say that short corners for his boys are a very simple job because they have good players who can put the ball into the 18-yard box. We have substitute staff available to assist you. The game is about making the right decisions, and our players are good at that. You know the exact time.

We Played the Game Where We Wanted to
Trossard (Credits: Independent)

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We Couldn’t Touch Them

Everton manager Sean Dyche told BBC Sport about his team’s performance: Although we defended bravely, we were unable to control the ball. The defense worked really hard, but they weren’t able to put on the gloves and make a difference on offense.

“If I can confess, those guys pressed us so hard in such a way that the boys couldn’t know again if they should play short or long. If we lose the ball, we have to make the first pass.” If things do not suit the plan, the team will not be able to open up a counterattack.

“In terms of set-piece detail, they finished well, but our detail was really lacking.”

“In fact, I expected us to score more points because of the way the group was feeling in pre-season. The level of performance was certainly there, but in football, it’s the details that kill you.”

“After last season, it became clear to me that there was a lot of work to do. It still exists, and you can’t change everything in one window. ”


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