Uli Hoeneß and Thomas Tuchel reveal tensions within Bayern Munich ahead of clash with Real Madrid

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Thomas Tuchel (Credits: Sportsbible)

Before their Champions League semifinal clash with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich seems to have some internal discord. The coach, Thomas Tuchel, expressed that his position as coach was questioned by Uli Hoeneß, a significant figure in the club.

Hoeneß, now an honorary president of Bayern after decades of leadership, implied that Tuchel might not be capable of developing young players effectively.

During a panel discussion, Hoeneß mentioned that Tuchel seemed hesitant to nurture talents like Davies, Pavlović, or Musiala. Instead, he suggested that if things didn’t work out, the coach should consider buying other players.

Hoeneß emphasized the importance of coaches improving young talents, expecting them to invest time and effort in their development.

The players mentioned, including Davies, Pavlović, and Musiala, have all played significant roles for Bayern this season. For instance, Pavlović made his debut under Tuchel’s management and has been recognized by the German national team.

Thomas Tuchel

Despite these tensions, Davies and Pavlović still featured in Bayern’s recent win over Frankfurt, indicating their potential involvement in the upcoming match against Madrid, while Musiala’s fitness for the game remains uncertain.

Tuchel responded to Hoeneß’ comments by expressing disbelief and feeling insulted. He emphasized that over the past 15 years, he and his coaching team have consistently supported young players from the academy, giving them opportunities to train and play based on their performances.

Tuchel is set to depart from Bayern at the end of the season after a mutual agreement in February following a series of disappointing results. Despite Bayern losing its Bundesliga title to Bayer Leverkusen, Tuchel still has the chance to lead the team to success in the Champions League.

Some Bayern fans are urging the club to retain Tuchel instead of pursuing Ralf Rangnick as his replacement, especially after other potential candidates like Xabi Alonso, Julian Nagelsmann, and Unai Emery declined the offer.


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