Verne Lundquist Retires from Broadcasting at the 2024 Masters

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Yes, sir: Verne Lundquist calls it a career at the 2024 Masters

Verne Lundquist, renowned for his commentary during Masters tournaments, takes a poignant journey through Augusta National Golf Club every Tuesday of Masters week. Commandeering one of the few allowed golf carts, he tours the course in reverse, starting from the 18th hole, passing by iconic landmarks like the par-3 16th, and concluding near the clubhouse.

With four decades of experience, Lundquist intimately knows the course, especially the 16th and 17th holes, where he witnessed legendary moments from Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

As Verne Lundquist gears up for his last year with CBS at Augusta National, he takes a moment to contemplate his distinguished career, which has encompassed his commentary on numerous iconic golf shots.

The prospect of bidding farewell stirs a range of emotions within him, prompting him to recognize the profound importance of Augusta National and the Masters tournament in the realm of golf. Among fans, Lundquist’s voice has become inseparable from the Masters experience, imbuing the tournament’s rich history with depth and warmth.

Verne Lundquist
Verne Lundquist

Throughout the years, Lundquist’s understated yet exuberant calls have woven themselves into the fabric of the sport. His contributions to the broadcast, particularly during pivotal moments on the back nine, have left an indelible mark on viewers. His iconic calls, such as Jack Nicklaus’ 1986 triumph and Tiger Woods’ miraculous chip in 2005, have become part of golfing lore, replayed and celebrated for generations to come.

When asked to choose between his most memorable calls, Lundquist considers both the Nicklaus and Woods moments as equally significant, each holding a special place in his heart. As he approaches his final broadcast, Lundquist anticipates an emotional conclusion to his tenure, cherishing the memories and connections he has forged over the years. Despite his advancing age, his passion for the game and the Masters remains undiminished.

Although Lundquist may no longer be in the announcer’s booth above the 16th hole, his legacy at Augusta National endures. Jim Nantz, Lundquist’s longtime colleague, emphasizes that Verne will always be a part of Augusta, with his calls resonating for generations to come. As Lundquist prepares to bid farewell to CBS and the Masters, his impact on the tournament and the sport of golf will remain eternally significant.


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