Warren Gatland Believes that Eddie Jones’ Coaching Philosophy Has a Limited Window for Success

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Warren Gatland Believes that Eddie Jones' Coaching Philosophy Has a Limited Window for Success
Wales head coach Warren Gatland (Credits: The Telegraph)

Wales head coach Warren Gatland thinks that Eddie Jones’ way of leading a team is good for immediate results but might not work well for long-term success.

The two head coaches will meet in Lyon on Sunday when Wales plays against Australia in an important Rugby World Cup match. Jones has a record of making a fast difference when he takes charge of a team like he did with the England team.

Warren Gatland Believes that Eddie Jones' Coaching Philosophy Has a Limited Window for Success
Coach Warren Gatland (Credits: The Times)

Early Red Rose Success

They won two Six Nations titles in a row in 2016 and 2017, and then they made it to the World Cup final in 2019.

But things went bad after that, and it ended with Jones getting fired at the end of 2022 because of a few bad years.

Eddie has a lot of experience, and when he coached England, he had a team with many resources and players to work with,” Gatland explained in his article.

“Unlike us, they did not have to struggle as much to win titles. Our underdog mentality has been a good thing for us because we had to work hard for everything we achieved,” Gatland said.

“I am a very loyal person to my staff and players. I would never throw anyone under the bus. If they are going to be on the show, I am going to support them. 

“A big part of my success as a coach is taking the time to develop my players and create an environment that they want to be a part of. 

“I do not know if Eddie always had the same philosophy. He has had a lot of turnover in coaches and staff, and I can only assume he demands very high standards and pushes people to limits they don’t want to go to. And they either move on or move on.

“I think there are both good and bad sides to this approach, as it prevents people from becoming complacent and can have short-term effects.

“In the past, he has gone into teams and had success initially because of how hard he pushes the players and staff, but it seems that success does not last long because of the pressure,” Gatland explained.

Wales boss Gatland also mentioned how both he and Jones like to make strong statements in the media before important matches.

All Changed with Eddie

“At the time when Eddie started coaching England in 2016, I was maybe the only head coach in the Six Nations known for making strong statements before matches. When Eddie came in, that style shifted,” he added.

All Changed with Eddie
Eddie Coach of England (Credits: Sky Sports)

“I remember being with Eddie as we were both going into a room full of journalists for the Six Nations press conference. I said, ‘Come on, Eddie, don’t disappoint me, go out there and make some bold statements!’ He smiled and replied, ‘I’ll let you go first.’’

“It was kind of fun. When I was with him at social events, I always found him to be good company. But being active in professional sports, there was a lot of rivalry, and we both were ambitious and definitely wanted to win. 

“We also know that not only does pantomime interaction create interest in the match, but the use of verbal grenades can also be used to relieve pressure on players and send messages to players and opponents. People know.”

“I think when Eddie took the job at the Wallabies, part of his job was to promote Australian rugby union. “His recent feud with the Australian media has been controversial and made a lot of headlines, but on the flip side, he has gotten people talking about rugby in the country, and people are interested in what’s going on. It means that you have it and are interested in it.”


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