Warriors GM Denies Tension Rumors, Urges Klay Thompson & Draymond Green Stay

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The Golden State Warriors camp recently addressed swirling rumors, providing relief for Dubnation fans. Warriors GM Dunleavy tackled pressing inquiries regarding Klay Thompson and the team’s dynasty in a pivotal press conference. Dunleavy’s resolute stance conveyed a clear message to the league, emphasizing the team’s intentions.

During the press conference, the GM affirmed his desire to retain Klay Thompson, who is set to enter free agency this summer. Speculations had surfaced suggesting Thompson might depart for the Orlando Magic, fueled by initial contract rejections from the Warriors. However, Dunleavy’s statement appears to assuage these concerns, instilling hope among fans for Thompson’s potential return.

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson (Credits: The Mercury News)

Moreover, Dunleavy addressed the status of Draymond Green, who faced scrutiny amidst a challenging season. Despite criticisms labeling Green as the team’s primary issue, the front office stands firm in their support. Dunleavy emphasized the team’s inability to envision a scenario where Green isn’t integral to the roster moving forward, signaling their commitment to the veteran player.

The developments highlighted in the press conference underscore a pivotal moment for the Warriors organization. With assurances regarding Thompson’s future and unwavering support for Green, the team aims to quell uncertainties and reinforce their commitment to continuity and success. As the situation continues to evolve, fans await further updates on the team’s roster dynamics and future prospects.


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