Weidman Want To Fight Sean Strickland After Recent Victory

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Chris Weidman interested in facing Sean Strickland after recent win: “I’d like to test myself”

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman recently faced Bruno Silva in Atlantic City, teetering on the brink of retirement. A loss would have likely marked the end of his career, but he managed a contentious unanimous decision victory over Silva, marred by eye pokes that altered the outcome from a knockout to a decision. Since then, Weidman has been relatively quiet, but he recently discussed a potential fight with Sean Strickland on Michael Bisping’s Believe You Me Podcast.

Despite Strickland’s scheduled bout against Paulo Costa at UFC 302, Weidman expressed interest in facing him next, regardless of the outcome. He acknowledged his recent string of losses and injuries but believes he can still compete at the level of fighters like Strickland. Weidman expressed a desire for a high-profile matchup, stating that he wants a fight with more significance and against a recognizable opponent.

Chris Weidman
Chris Weidman (Credits: MMA Fighting)

In the podcast interview, Weidman emphasized his eagerness for a challenging and exciting fight, hinting at a potential clash of styles with Strickland. He praised Strickland’s aggressive pace and suggested that facing him would push him out of his comfort zone and potentially lead to some lively pre-fight banter. Weidman sees the matchup as an opportunity to test himself against a formidable opponent who shares his penchant for pushing the pace and exhausting opponents.

Weidman’s willingness to face Strickland indicates his confidence in his abilities and his desire to prove himself against top-tier competition. Despite his previous setbacks, Weidman remains determined to make a mark in the middleweight division and believes that a fight against Strickland could be a stepping stone toward that goal. The potential matchup promises an intriguing clash between two skilled fighters with contrasting styles, setting the stage for an enticing showdown.

Overall, Weidman’s interest in facing Strickland reflects his hunger for meaningful fights and his willingness to challenge himself against tough opponents. As he looks to continue his career in the UFC, Weidman sees Strickland as an exciting and formidable adversary who could provide him with the opportunity to showcase his skills and cement his place in the middleweight division.


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