What is the oldest sport in the world?

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Sports have been around since ancient times. But what is the oldest sport in the world? Believed to be over 5,000 years old, wrestling has the long-standing title of being the oldest known competitive sport.

Origin of Wrestling

Wrestling is portrayed in cave drawings found in France that date back 15,000 years. French documents from the 15th century show that wrestling was a highly revered sport, even receiving its own set of rules.

Throughout the ages, wrestling was primarily used as a technique for military battle and street fighting. But more recently, wrestling has become an organized sport—from Greco-Roman styles to Sumo, folk and freestyle—that’s played by athletes worldwide.

Benefits of Wrestling

Wrestling traditionally teaches boys spirituality, respect, confidence and more. But today, there’s a renewed appreciation for the sport, as wrestling has many lasting rewards.

    • Flexibility and Strength. Being a physical contact sport, wrestling develops strength and power in your upper and lower body as well as great aerobic endurance.
    • Mental Focus. Wrestling requires you to observe your opponent’s strategy and be able to think ahead and predict their next move in order to be successful.
    • Improves Discipline. Wrestling is not only a physical challenge, but also teaches you self-discipline and how to deal with physical, mental, and emotional stress.


Today, wrestling is still a popular sport worldwide and has been traced back to very ancient times. The sport not only helps teach important life lessons, it also gives you great physical and mental benefits and doesn’t require expensive equipment. Whether you’re looking to compete in a local or international tournament or just want improve your physical and mental health, it’s worth considering wrestling.


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