What made Tom Brady agreed to get roasted?

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Tom Brady posing at The Roast of Tom Brady Netflix event

The Tom Brady roast has stirred up a lot of talk and interest this week. One question many people are asking is: Why did Brady agree to do this?

Well, it was part of a plan set up nearly two years ago. Brady is also an executive producer of the show, which means he’s involved in the behind-the-scenes work and stands to make a good amount of money from it.

This roast is just the beginning of a series, so it’s unclear who will be roasted next. Athletes like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, or LeBron James might be considered, but why would they agree to it?

Brady might be able to convince them, though. Plus, he has his reasons for making it a success. He and Peyton Manning seem to have a friendly competition going on to build enough wealth to become controlling owners of sports teams.

Manning’s production company is doing well, and he has a knack for success in whatever he does. So, Brady has some competition, but he’s certainly up for the challenge.

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Tom Brady during Netflix Roast

Brady hasn’t had as much success outside of football compared to Manning. His ventures with FTX and TB12 didn’t go well, and his deal with Fox might not work out. His attempt to buy part of the Raiders isn’t going smoothly either. The NFL hasn’t approved the deal because of the discount Brady was getting. It’s uncertain if it will ever happen.

Both Brady and Manning want to own an NFL team. It would add to their rivalry if they both became team owners. Right now, they’re racing to gather enough money to make it happen.

But it’s possible neither of them will have enough money to buy a team, given how expensive NFL teams are becoming. However, if I had to bet, I’d say Manning will find the money first.


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