What WWE PPV is After Money in the Bank 2023? Explained

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WWE ppv (Credits: Devian art)

The news and doubt about when the next WWE PPV after money is in the bank is an extremely trending question right now in the minds of all fans of WWE, especially after the much-awaited UK pay-per-view ended. At the O2 Arena, the night was considered full of suspense because several superstars returned, and unfortunately, an unexpected betrayal took place on the show.

The first match, which was conducted on the show Damien Priest stunned all the fans because he won WWE Men’s money in the bank, 2k23. LA Knight and Logan Paul were considered the favorites of fans till now, but Damien Priest managed to win this match with his talent and skill, gaining a future popular image.

The fans in the world were truly amazed and entertained by the Bloodline Civil War, and on the other hand, wrestlers like John Cena and Drew McIntyre have their way back so that they can surprise the fans. Unfortunately, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton did not even appear on the show.

WWE PPV Schedule 2023 (Credits: Youtube)

What is WWE PPV after the money in the bank?

The WWE is on set to shift into the next premium live event. Summer Slam is considered the next WWE next pay-per-view. The schedule for the WWE Summer Slam was August 5th, 2023, and it was the first WWE Premium live event to ever have happened in the United States of America, which was conducted after the wrestle mania two-night event.

The venue for the WWE summer slam decided was ford field in Detroit, Michigan, and it was supposed to be the second WWE summer slam event which was shown under the creative guidance of Triple. H. According to the event that occurred last year, Roman Reigns smartly defended the Undisputed WWE universal champion, which was played against Brock Lesnar at the premium event of the last man standing match.

Following this WWE summer slam, WWE is surely going to conduct the Payback show in Pittsburgh, and the latest scheduled on July 30, which was the NXT Great American Bash.

What was the WWE PPV schedule?

Date Event Venue
January 28 Royal Rumble Alamodar
February 4 NXT Vengeance Day Spectrum
February 18 Elimination Chamber Bell Centre
April 1 Wrestle Mania Hollywood Night one Sofi Stadium
April 2 NXT Stand and Deliver Crypto
May 6 WWE Backlash Colesia
May 27 Night of Champions Jeddah
May 28 NXT Battleground Tsongas
July 1 Money in the bank The O2
August 5 Summer Slam Ford Field
September 2 Payback PPG

List of WWE pay-per-view and live streaming super cards, which detail all professional wrestling cards that are promoted by the American promotion of WWE on PPV and are available via live streaming services promoting special services like the WWE network.

The American version of the WWE Network has merged under the Peacock, and even though the WWE network is still available in most international markets, there is also less focus given to the traditional PPV channels that too in 2022, and thus they started using the term Premium live event which even refers to the events that are going to air on PPV and also on their live streaming services.

The September 2 Payback event on PPG is on set and ready to launched. Grab your horses and wait for the same, which is soon going to capture your hearts.


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