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Why Sports Betting Should be Illegal? Explained

Despite many countries in the world legalizing betting on sports, there are still long-standing debates on the negative impact sports betting could have on society.

Some countries across the globe have felt it best to eradicate the concept of betting from their societies. Sports betting discussions often spiral into debate regarding its integrity, value, and other factors.

Here is a list of reasons for betting to be seen as illegal.

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What issues come with sports betting?

Of course, the first issue that comes to mind when we look at sports betting is match-fixing. Wealthy bettors who would do anything in their power to turn a bet in their favor would look to fixing matches to achieve the desired outcome.

Such bettors fix matches by financially incentivizing those who influence the result of the matches directly, such as the players and officials. Subsequently, bookmakers who know the result of the game can change the odds that would bring them exponential profits.

Another issue with betting is that it changes the meaning of sports. Those who bet on sports tend to focus more on the performance of their bet rather than the happenings of the game. Instead of supporting a team for pure excitement, fans do so because they are heavily financially invested in the event.

Sports Betting
Sports Betting (Credit: Kindbridge)

Sports betting also affects the players as they are under the pressure of being the reason some people lose their money. In the past, a few players have been victims of abuse as their performance in one game caused some people to lose money.

Can sports betting be a cause of crime?

Some people believe that sports betting goes hand in hand with organized crime and illegal gambling. Keeping sports betting illegal would allow law enforcement agencies to focus on reducing such illicit criminal activities.

Some also argue that sports betting leads to underage gambling, as by making it legal, it becomes more accessible and appealing to the younger generation. They believe that keeping sports betting illegal will prevent the youth from indulging in such activities.

Maintaining the illegality of sports betting can allow for stronger regulation and oversight of the gambling industry.

Does sports betting come with social issues?

Well, of course. Sports betting illegality activists argue that widespread access to easy sports betting could lead to more cases of gambling, addiction, and related negative outcomes such as financial instability, mental health issues, and family problems.

In many religions and societies, any form of betting is also seen as illegal. Since betting and gambling are forms of greed, people see it as sinful. Apart from greed, it is sometimes also viewed as a crime that is prohibited in various religions.

Keeping sports betting illegal is seen as a way of protecting individuals from these potential harms.

What countries do not allow sports betting?

Countries where the governments are strict are often the ones that haven’t legalized betting on sports. Some examples are:

  • UAE
  • Singapore
  • North Korea
  • Cambodia

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