Will The Rock make a surprise appearance on WWE RAW to suspend the 16-time champion for his recent actions?

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Dwayne Johnson

Tonight’s episode of WWE RAW marks the aftermath of The Rock’s shocking heel turn at the WrestleMania Kickoff press event. The unexpected twist occurred when Cody Rhodes replaced him in the main event against Roman Reigns and addressed their family ties.

During the confrontation, The Rock delivered a resounding slap to Rhodes, prompting Seth Rollins to come to his defense. Rollins challenged The Rock’s authority, highlighting that being on TKO’s Board of Directors didn’t grant him unlimited power.

While The Rock is scheduled for WWE SmackDown this week, there’s speculation that he might make a surprise appearance on RAW to address Rhodes and Rollins directly.


However, given Reigns’ injury, The Rock won’t engage in physical altercations with the World Heavyweight Champion.

Instead, The Rock could flex his authority by suspending Rollins for his insubordination, adding fuel to the fiery narrative. This strategic move would generate significant heat for The Rock, portraying him as a power-hungry figure. Rollins could use the time off to recuperate, returning to further ignite WrestleMania feuds.

Such manipulative tactics by The Rock would elevate the storyline, showcasing his newfound authority and the potential consequences of his actions.


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