Windhorst: NBA Scouts Believe USC Misused Bronny James’ Position

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Windhorst: NBA Scouts Think Bronny James Was Played Out of Position at USC

NBA scouts express a consensus that USC’s utilization of Bronny James last season didn’t showcase his full potential. Instead of playing him at his preferred position of point guard, the Trojans deployed him on the wing, a decision deemed unfavorable by evaluators. This perspective, shared by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, suggests that James could have flourished more effectively if given the reins at point guard.

At USC, James assumed an off-ball role while Isaiah Collier, a prospective lottery pick, assumed the duties of point guard. This dynamic contrasts with what scouts believe could have been a more optimal situation for James. The sentiment among these evaluators is that James would benefit from playing in a setting where he can operate as the primary ball-handler, thereby maximizing his skill set and impact on the court.

As James contemplates his next move, speculation surrounds his potential destinations. One option on the table is a transfer to Duquesne, where Dru Joyce, a close associate of the James family and former high school teammate of LeBron James, has assumed the head coaching position. This familial connection adds an intriguing layer to James’s decision-making process, presenting Duquesne as a possible landing spot for the young prospect.

Simultaneously, James has also thrown his hat into the NBA draft ring while maintaining eligibility for college basketball. This dual approach leaves his future uncertain, with a decision required by June 16th regarding whether he will remain in the draft or withdraw to continue his collegiate career. James’s next steps will undoubtedly be closely monitored by basketball enthusiasts, as his potential impact at both the collegiate and professional levels remains a topic of keen interest.


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