Wolff Speculates Verstappen Might Depart from Red Bull

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Max Verstappen
Verstappen in a race(Credit: Sky Sports)

Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, suggests that Max Verstappen might still depart from Red Bull before his contract ends, citing factors beyond just having the fastest car.

Verstappen’s impressive performance this season positions him well for a fourth consecutive title with Red Bull. However, the team’s internal turmoil at the beginning of the season sparked rumors of Verstappen’s potential departure before his contract expires in 2028.

Wolff has openly expressed interest in Verstappen and believes there’s a possibility he could become available for recruitment.

While acknowledging the appeal of driving the fastest car, Wolff suggests that Verstappen’s decision may involve deeper considerations beyond performance alone. He highlights Verstappen’s depth of understanding in motorsport and suggests that factors beyond just speed could influence his choice.

Max Verstappen
Mercedes driver Max Verstappen (Credit: The Independent)

The speculation surrounding Verstappen’s potential departure from Red Bull stemmed from allegations of misconduct against team boss Christian Horner earlier this year. Although Horner was later cleared of these allegations, the public scrutiny of the team’s dynamics has fueled speculation about Verstappen’s future.

In response to questions about his future, Verstappen emphasized the importance of a peaceful team environment. He expressed contentment with discussions focusing on the car’s performance, indicating a preference for a positive team atmosphere.

Horner, when asked about Wolff’s remarks, affirmed Verstappen’s commitment to Red Bull, pointing out the long-term contract in place until 2028. He dismissed suggestions of ambiguity regarding Verstappen’s future and emphasized the team’s focus on performance and relationships.

While Mercedes has not matched Red Bull’s performance since 2022, new engine regulations in 2026 could potentially alter the competitive landscape. However, Wolff expressed no intention of using future promises to lure Verstappen away, recognizing the Verstappen family’s deep understanding of motorsport.

Verstappen’s decision will depend on various factors, and both Red Bull and Mercedes are keenly watching the situation unfold.


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