WORCS 2024 Round 2 Pro Results at Glen Helen

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SLR Honda riders Tyler Lynn and Mikayla Nielsen both had a successful weekend competing in the WORCS series. Tyler Lynn showcased a solid start, positioning himself in 3rd place as they headed into the first corner.

The ensuing competition among the top 3 riders unfolded as an intense and closely contested battle for the initial 5 laps.

With all three riders giving their maximum effort, Tyler found himself engaged in a fierce duel with the Purvines Yamaha rider after the 3rd-place contender dropped back.

The race for the lead provided spectators with thrilling moments, ranging from the initial laps where the top 3 riders fiercely battled to the pitstops.

WORCS 2024 Round 2 Pro Results at Glen Helen
WORCS 2024 Round 2 Pro Results at Glen Helen (Credits: Dirt Bike Magazine)

Tyler demonstrated efficiency during the pitstop, enabling him to re-enter the course in the lead position. Subsequently, he accelerated, creating a substantial gap and ultimately securing the victory.

During the pitstops, both teams opted for the same lap, with a mere 75 feet separating their pits. Tyler maintained a 1.5-second lead over the competition after the pitstop battle.

The pit lane witnessed a flurry of activity, including gas flowing and dumping from the IMS dump can, essential for the Honda CRF450rx. Goggles were changed, water was consumed, and as the pit stop concluded, Tyler resumed racing just ahead of the Yamaha rider.

The two riders remained in close proximity throughout the lap, disappearing into the hills of Glen Helen. Tyler’s determined effort eventually propelled him to a commanding lead, securing the victory with a quick 3-second fuel splash a few laps later.

Top 3 PRO 450 Results:

2. Trevor Stewart – YAM
3. DARE DeMartile – BETA

In the Pro 250 category, Colton Aeck claimed victory on his TRE Kawasaki, followed by RPM KTM rider Mason Semens and Husqvarna-mounted Kai Aiello. Despite leading for half the race, JP dropped to third after the pitstop and experienced a setback on the last lap, finishing in the fourth position.

PRO WOMEN category witnessed Mikayla Nielsen’s impressive performance on Saturday at Glen Helen Raceway. Navigating a long, dusty, and windy course, she demonstrated strategic preservation, leading laps and securing another dominant win in the Pro Women’s class.

Top 3 PRO Women Results:

2. Ava Silvestri – GG
3. Katie Jacobs – KTM

Kaitlyn, running a solid race in third, unfortunately, suffered a serious crash, resulting in a hospital visit for evaluation. Despite the setback, she was awarded the third-place result by WORCS.

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