Zach Edey emphasizes that there’s depth to his game beyond what’s visible, as he gets ready to join the NBA

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Zach Edey gestures after making a basket

Throughout his time at Purdue University, Zach Edey has achieved a lot. However, he understands that there are significant concerns about his abilities as he stands tall at 7 feet 4 inches.

Despite being named the national Player of the Year for two consecutive seasons and leading the Boilermakers to the championship game this year, Edey faces criticism for his perceived slow defensive movements and limited offensive range.

These criticisms are significant obstacles as he looks ahead to his NBA journey. Nonetheless, Edey is eager to highlight that there’s more to his game than what people see on the surface or in videos.

“I’ve been successful in college, but now I’m transitioning to the NBA,” Edey explained during the NBA draft combine. “I need to leave my college achievements behind and prove myself once again.”

Edey’s style of play is reminiscent of traditional basketball, with a focus on playing with his back to the basket. However, in a league where three-point shooting and perimeter skills are highly valued, big men like Edey are expected to be agile, proficient shooters, and capable defenders away from the hoop.

Additionally, Edey’s basketball journey is unique. Despite spending four years in college, he is relatively new to the sport compared to many of his peers.

Zach Edey jums and shoots the ball to the basket

Growing up in Toronto, his main interests were hockey and baseball until he eventually transitioned to basketball during his time at Florida’s IMG Academy.

“I’m not going to be like Kevin Durant, all tall and lean,” he explained. “I’m 7-foot-4 and 300 pounds. My strength is inside the paint, making space, and defending my territory. That’s my game plan.”

During his time at Purdue University, Edey’s role was clear: dominate inside, execute pick and rolls, and guard the low post. He believes there’s still value in these skills in the NBA.

Edey is confident that he has more to offer than what he showed in college. He claims he can score from outside, despite only making one 3-pointer during his time at Purdue. He had the opportunity to display more of his abilities during drills on Monday.

In these drills, Edey showcased his skills, shooting 60% off the dribble with impressive speed and a significant vertical leap. For someone measuring 7 feet 3¾ inches without shoes and weighing 299 pounds, it was quite impressive.

“I need to demonstrate that I can shoot the ball well, which I believe I can,” Edey stated. “Teams might underestimate my speed and shooting abilities, but I aim to prove them wrong. After playing four years in college, teams have plenty of footage of me, so they know what I can do.”

Edey’s journey is remarkable, evolving from a raw prospect to college basketball’s standout player, earning the Associated Press Player of the Year award two years in a row, a feat not achieved since Ralph Sampson’s dominance at Virginia in the early ’80s.


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