Zhou Guanyu of Sauber Expresses Gratitude for Home Race Opportunity

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Zhou Guanyu
Guanyu during the Canadian GP (Credit: PlanetF1)

Zhou Guanyu, China’s lone Formula One driver, was greeted with thunderous chants of “Guanyu, Guanyu, Guanyu” as he entered the Shanghai International Circuit for his debut in the Chinese Grand Prix.

Despite not yet scoring any points in the season’s initial four races, Sauber’s Zhou was met with immense enthusiasm from the approximately 60,000 fans in attendance each day at his home race, marking China’s return to the F1 calendar after a hiatus since 2019.

Zhou Guanyu
Guanyu poses for the camera before the race (Credit: CGTN)

Reflecting on the overwhelming support, Zhou expressed gratitude, stating, “It’s truly overwhelming. While I focused on my driving, the fans’ cheers and encouragement filled the air. I’m deeply thankful for their passionate support.”

After finishing the race in 14th place, Zhou acknowledged the emotional journey leading up to this moment. Recalling watching the race from turn one in 2004 and dreaming of an F1 career, he remarked, “It’s been a remarkable journey of twenty years. Being here today is incredibly humbling.”

Zhou’s presence in F1 is significant not only for the sport but also for China, which is viewed as a crucial market by F1’s owners, Liberty Media. CEO Stefano Domenicali has hinted at the possibility of China hosting two races in the future, underscoring the nation’s importance in the F1 landscape.

For fans like Xu Zheng, Zhou’s emergence represents a monumental milestone. “A decade or two ago, the idea of a Chinese driver competing in Formula One seemed unimaginable,” Zheng commented. “Zhou Guanyu’s journey will undoubtedly inspire aspiring motorsport enthusiasts and young dreamers to pursue their goals.”


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