All-Blacks Legend Sonny Bill Williams Predicts His Winner for One of the Most Anticipated Showdown in Pool B of the World Rugby Cup: South Africa VS Ireland

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Sonny's take on South Africa VS Ireland Rugby Match
Sonny Bill Williams (Credits: NZ Herald)

Esteemed boxer and former All-Blacks center Sonny Bill Williams predicts a close encounter between South Africa and Ireland in Pool B of the Rugby World Cup that’s scheduled on Saturday. Fans all around the world are expecting it to be a remarkable showdown between the two giants.

After all, Ireland is currently ranked #1 in the World Rugby rankings, whereas the Springboks are ranked at #2 who, in the past, were also the winners of the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Rugby lovers couldn’t ask for a better clash to decide the ultimate victors in Pool B.

In his usual manner, Springboks head coach Jacques Nienaber announced his squad prior to the match, and it’s going to be a 7-1 split on the bench which seems troublesome against the mighty Shamrocks, former Irish hooker Keith Wood has expressed his genuine concern about Nienaber’s choice.

This is due to most of the veteran forwards being heavily injured and the fit ones lacking experience at this level, which could be a major setback for the team against Ireland, even though Nienaber has faith in his choice and believes that Springboks will be able to emerge victorious against the Irish lads with this split on the bench.

Two of the best ships that know how to sail turbulent waters

The second-row forward is facing a hard time picking his favorite as he believes both sides are equally strong and well-prepared to execute their plans on the pitch, yet he decided to side with the Springboks as his wife is from South Africa, he said while interviewing with Stan Sport.

He further touched on both squads’ perks and how well-equipped they are when it comes to the game. Both of them are massive, sturdy, and, at the same time, aggressive and have massive depths when it comes to their line-up.

Ireland VS South Africa (Credits: The Irish Times)

The former All-Black also mentioned that both sides are well aware of who they are and what kind of game suits them. As a fan, whenever you watch them on TV playing the game, you just know that the elites are on the field about to play their best game possible.

The South African team has got some finishers now, which makes them a lot stronger than they used to be four years ago, no matter how dangerous it might sound, but in the end, these are the facts. Apart from that, they have also received a good amount of experience by winning the 2019 World Rugby Cup.

Yet, at the same time, you cannot underestimate the Irish team, The forward pack, and their loose-forward trio, and to add that, their refined skills on the pitch are something you need to be wary of at all times.

Their straightforward approach to the game is great for building momentum and spacing. On top of that, they have a great sense of timing, which takes their game to a different class altogether.

The match is scheduled to be on 23rd September 2023 at Stade de France, Paris. The kickoff will be starting at 12:30 AM in the local time zone, 8:00 PM in British Summer Time, and 7:00 PM in Greenwich Mean Time.

The official match referee is going to be Ben O’Keeffe, and the assistant referees are going to be Mathieu Raynal and James Doleman. The TMO (Television Match Official) for the match is going to be Brendon Pickerill.


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