Deion Sanders Will Be a Target For Next NFL Coach Search

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Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders Credits: AP/Getty Images)

Deion Sanders will be the prime target for NFL teams in need of a head coach. He was caught in the eye of NFL decision-makers who were curious whether his unique style would help at the professional level.

I’d definitely want to bring him in to hear what he has to say,” a league executive said. “He’s a smart guy and a good coach who has had a lot of early success. You’d want to pick his brain to see if it could translate. He knows how to motivate his players. He’s crushed the transfer portal, and maybe that would carry over into team building through free agency.”

He became a head coach in 2020. Colorado hired Sanders in December. He brought over his son, quarterback Shedeur Sanders, Hunters, and numerous other recruits to the Buffaloes.

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders (Credits: Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

Deion Sanders’s Journey

They start off to a 3-0 with a ranking of 19 in the country, in comparison to Colorado, who were 1-11 last season and, while getting outscored, 534-185.

“He clearly has a plan to develop young men,” says a league executive. “It’s worked to this point. He has no issue putting people in the position to do what they do best, doesn’t seem to micromanage, and knows his strengths.”

Some Executives even consider Sanders as a CEO-type of a head coach who can oversee from a larger viewpoint or from a grander scale, which is an important skill for a head coach. He also generates a spotlight for his players and also can relate to his players.

“I think he gets (NFL head-coaching interview) offers this year,” an evaluator said. “But I believe he is better in college where he can tilt the scales and dominate the talent pool with his ability to recruit. I think he would be successful in the NFL, too, but could really create a long-term powerhouse in college.”

Sanders can coach, and the organizations own it themselves to invite them for an interview. A few of the executives believed that Sanders wouldn’t want to leave the college game, though that would stop them from trying to bring him in for an interview.

If Sanders maintains this success, it will be only a matter of time before higher-profile programs with even bigger budgets come crawling his way. There’s a belief that if Nick Saban of Alabama job retires, there is a chance for Sanders in the League circles.

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