Anthony Joshua’s Coach Discusses Facing Top-Tier Ngannou

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Anthony Joshua trainer talks ‘elite’ Ngannou

Ben Davison, the coach entrusted with preparing two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua for his upcoming bout against Francis Ngannou, emphasized that he is readying the Briton to confront an “elite” athlete on the world stage in Saudi Arabia next month.

Having previously guided Tyson Fury’s return to the top of the heavyweight division until four years ago, Davison played a pivotal role in Joshua’s training camp before his recent victory over Otto Wallin in December. Wallin was unable to continue after the fifth round, resulting in Joshua’s triumph.

Joshua’s performance against Wallin, following his consecutive losses to Oleksandr Usyk, hinted at a resurgence for the 2021 Olympic gold medalist, who had faced criticism for his cautious approach in the ring over the past few years.

Ngannou (Credits: TalkSPORT)

A triumph over Ngannou, a relative newcomer to boxing who posed a significant challenge to Davison’s former pupil Fury last October, could propel Joshua towards another shot at a world title.

However, as Davison gears up for his second tenure as Joshua’s trainer in the March 8 clash with Ngannou, he anticipates a formidable challenge when the two heavy hitters collide in the Middle East.

“Regardless of his background, Ngannou is a fighter,” Davison remarked about the former UFC heavyweight champion. “While he may be new to boxing, he remains an elite-level athlete. He’s amassed considerable experience in combat sports and has competed at the highest echelons. We’re approaching this bout with the seriousness it deserves.”

“At the end of the day, it’s a contest,” Davison continued. “Both men will be in the ring with gloves on, and they’re both formidable physical specimens. We can’t overlook Ngannou’s prowess as a trained fighter who has now stepped into the boxing ring at the highest level. His prior experiences at the elite level cannot be discounted.”

“Some are quick to dismiss Ngannou’s credentials,” Davison added. “Yet, he’s achieved significant feats in combat sports, including becoming a world heavyweight champion. His previous boxing match at the world level was closely contested, contrary to what some may believe. We must acknowledge his standing at the world level, and we certainly are.”


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